Day 21 – And Done!

Ok so 21 days. I did it!!! And I’m ready to jump in again and do 21 more!

I feel amazing! I am more patient, my mood is more consistent, I sleep better at night. My body is stronger, my posture is better, my energy is higher. This last 21 days was an unqualified success for me. I feel good about the food I’m putting in my body and the things that I am feeding my family. I feel good about my exercises and the strength it is giving me. And most importantly… this lifestyle feels normal, which means it’s something that I can maintain long term.

As a reward for 3 weeks of hard worked I planned a little treat for myself. Dinner on Day 21 was roast chicken, with salad, mashed potatoes and GRAVY!!!!! Mmmmmmmm so good. No gravy isn’t a part of the meal plan, but like I said it was my reward! I’m going to share my roast chicken recipe with you because it really is one of my most favorite meals, and you can take the chicken carcass boil it in water for 2 hours to make no sodium chicken broth. Then add some carrots, celery, noodles, and any left over chicken meat to make a really delicious chicken noodle soup. I will note that you can NOT make gravy with the drippings from this chicken because the lemon juice just doesn’t allow it. I have been successful though when I use apples instead of lemons.

Roast Chicken

2 whole chickens (I use two cause I make soup, or I use the leftover meat for sandwiches throughout the week)
3 Tbsp Olive Oil
3 Tsp Sea Salt (this can be removed or decreased and it’s still good)
2 Tsp Black Pepper
2 Tsp Paprika
1 Tbsp Herbes de Provence
4 Cloves of Garlic, peeled
2 Lemons, cut in half (can also use apples)

1. Preheat oven to 500 F
2. Rinse chicken in cold water, pat dry, and place in a foil lined roasting pan. Allow to sit for 20 min as the chicken will warm up a little and cook better.
3. In a small bowl combine all the spices and the olive oil to make a rub.
4. Place 2 lemon halves and 2 garlic cloves in the cavity of each chicken, and secure the legs.
5. Use hands to coat chickens in the rub.
6. Roast for 15 min @ 500
7. Reduce to 450 and roast another 15 min
8. Reduce to 425 and continue roasting 30 minutes, basting periodically. (Note: I have never had my chicken cook in only an hour, usually I end up roasting it for an hour at 425 but the beauty of this recipe is the lemons will keep the chicken from drying out)
9. Let chicken stand 10 min before carving

So that’s it. That’s 21 days that changed my life. Thank you for all of the support and encouragement, and should you ever wish to embark on your own journey, rest assured that I will give you my full support and any help that I can provide.


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