Day 10 – Let’s Call It Half Way

Day 10 wooo hooo!!!! That’s double digits people! And this is supposed to be the point where my cravings give up and go away, but I’m feeling quite the opposite. My cravings are starting to kill me. I think it might be food flavor boredom related, so next week I’m going to try to spice up the variety in my lunches a bit!

Workouts are going great and I haven’t missed a morning yet! That being said my mom likes the Pilates workout so tomorrow I won’t be doing those until after supper. That means I’ll get to sleep an extra hour and I am truly looking forward to it!

Yoga tonight was amazing as always, although they did inform me that they are changing the class in my time slot. The class that they are replacing it with is a little faster paced and more “workout” focused then it is “stretching” focused. I think I’ll still try it out next week, but if it doesn’t work out I’ll be looking for a time slot that hopefully fits just as well in to my schedule.

So this is pretty much the half way point in my 21 days, and I thought I’d examine where things stand. I know I’ve lost weight; I don’t need to do squats to stretch out my jeans if they’ve been in the dryer, and my wedding rings spin round and round all day long on my finger. I’m going to need to get those sized at the end of this I think, and I’ll probably need a new belt since mine is already on the last hole. But more importantly then all of that; my mood swings are gone, my patience has greatly increased, I carry myself differently, my posture is better, and while I’m not sleeping less I have the energy to get more done in the day. And when you stop to think that all of that came in a mere 10 days. That’s the length of our summer vacations, 10 days is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I’m feeling great, and if everything fell apart and I ate nothing but ice cream all day tomorrow (don’t worry not going to happen, cause I feel too good to turn back!) I would still consider this a success.

So here’s to the next week and a half, and I’m excited to see what the results are at 21 days!


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