Day 9 – A Turning Point?

Today was awesome! I got up this morning, did my workout, drank my shake, and felt great all day. And I totally rocked being out for dinner, there was no cheating at all on my part! For the first time I actually believed that this could be my new permanent lifestyle. God I hope this feeling lasts. And none of that is to say that it wasn’t hard to haul my butt out of bed and go give my all for Upper Body, because it was not easy. I really wanted to stay in bed for the extra hour I would gain not working out, and not having to shower but once I was up and going I didn’t regret it for a moment.

And as an added bonus today I easily fit in to a pair of boots that I haven’t been able to wear in almost 4 years. Not that I would have had to lose very much in my calves to accomplish this, but none the less it’s a piece of clothing that didn’t fit me before and does now. Win!


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