Day 7 – Week One And Done

Alright first week down, that’s 33% program completion and the only cheating I did was stepping on the scale! Now that a full week has gone by I have no reason to make the excuse that I can’t do this, because I have and with a nasty cold to boot. So how am I feeling after one week? Healthier. As a whole healthier. I’ve already noticed a drastic improvement in my mood, my energy levels, and my overall strength. I was never hungry at any point in the week, and in fact I had more food on my hands then I could eat!

So now we are looking towards week two! This is going to be the hard week. The first week I was full of resolve and hope and the results were quick and easy to see, and the last week will be all about the home stretch and getting to Day 21 to see those final results. This week is about getting the work done. The meal plan and meal prep for this week were easier and less time consuming. I’ve chosen to play the routine card for this week and keep Monday through Friday as similar as possible with a few slight variations to keep it from being boring. Why routine? Well as much as I feel like routine bores me and I do seem to resist it, in every instance where I have managed to maintain a routine I’ve been overwhelmingly successful. So let’s try it here.

Goals for this week: It would be easy for me to set a goal of just getting through it, but I feel like that’s a bit of a cop-out. This week I want to try to move as many of my workouts to the morning as possible, and I do realize that I may not be a morning workout person but I want to be, so this week I’m going to give it a good shot. Also this week I want to strive to really eat all my daily foods. I’m not going to make myself sick over this but it is important to get all those servings in and ensure that I’m getting proper nutrition. And my third goal is to step up every one of the workouts by 1. So if that means not doing a modified pose, up-ing the weight used, or increasing the reps then that is what needs to happen.

Challenges for the week: Tuesday night we are out for dinner. It’s going to be a challenge to see how I can do when I’m not the one making the food, but it’s something I’ve got to figure out if this is going to be my new lifestyle. And as I mentioned before it will be far too easy for me to get lazy this week as I might lose motivation, so I’m going to try to stay pumped, focus on the end goal, and make those workouts count!

Week Two! Let’s Go!


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